RHB Malaysia: Banking Alternatives To Get A Better Upcoming

RHB MY: Our Background, Honours, and Efforts

Even though RHB Banking Group MY was formed in 1999, our bank has been serving Malaysian society for approximately A century! RHB’s main products are its personal banking, business enterprise banking, currency exchange and Islamic banking services. Additionally, we also provide insurance packages, investment, and property management services. We’ve won various accolades for all our work, for example, the Asset Triple A Regional Awards and more.

Personal Banking with RHB

Our services are broadly attainable; therefore, we have a diverse range of accounts and deposit choices solutions at your disposal. You can also make an application for loans to help finance your dream lifestyle- our flexible rates and payment plans are compatible with everyone. RHB’s thorough insurance coverage can help you protect yourself and your family members. Moreover, now we have numerous credit card ways for you to select from.

Investment with RHB

Our specialists right here at RHB are also available to assist you to invest your money. Besides protecting your money via investments, we have safety deposit boxes for those seeking to secure crucial docs or belongings. In addition to protection, your money is in safe hands to send international through our remittance services.

RHB Bank

RHB Insurance for Firms

Helping your organization up and running hasn’t ever been so easy with RHB. Our services will assist you in opening a bank account in a single day! We also have an array of insurance policy choices for your enterprise or employees. RHB also provide loans, all determined by your vision and future to your enterprise.

Small business Banking Products at RHB

Expand your organization to its full future with RHB’s enterprise banking methods! RHB is not just your bank and your organization associate with investment alternatives to our SME knowledge centre. As well as expense, we have trade services for both your import and export demands.

RHB Islamic Banking vs Conventional Banking

Here at RHB, we are dedicated to providing good quality Islamic banking services to any or all our clients that need them. Some advantages to using Islamic Banking accounts include the fact that your instalments should never be compounded, in contrast to a traditional bank account. If you’re a non-Muslim, you are very welcome to apply for an Islamic account as well!

RHB Now Banking Online and Mobile App

With RHB Now Banking, you can see all of your accounts from a phone itself. It’s also possible to send money or make a transfer. No longer long lines at the bank, you can now access your bank account everywhere you go on this planet! download it from your phone’s app store and find the setup with any of the quick instructions on our website.

Why Decide on RHB?

Banking with RHB can be a variable experience. With your various product selection and services, it is possible to figure out which suit your lifestyle best. Additionally, using our expert sustenance both for business and personal accounts, banking has not been simpler. Kindly visit RHB’s webpage to have more details on currency exchange: https://www.rhbgroup.com/index.html.